Amazing Hair Restoration System

All-Natural Ingredients | Non-Toxic | Nutrient Dense

Amazing Hair Restoration System is designed to give you a full spectrum hair care experience.

This system is designed and formulated to provide a rich, gentle but powerfully cleansing shampoo experience, followed by the our leave-in conditioner to soften, nourish, and leave your hair moisturized with a natural radiant shine.  The system follows up with an extra nourishing hair butter that promotes hair growth and adds lasting health to your hair. 

It doesn’t stop there. The Amazing Hair Restoration System continues with a superior growth serum packed with powerful botanical ingredients like castor oil, moringa oil, olive oil, sunflower seed, lavender and avocado oils to combat brittleness, dryness, and promote length, luster, and strong hair follicles. The end results? Thicker, healthier hair!

Richly infused with botanicals to promote and support healthy vibrant hair, including but not limited to:

African Black Soap
Natural unrefined
Shea Butter
Moringa oil
Essential oils of: Green Tea, Rosemary and Lemon Verbena

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