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About Us

Ancill McDonald


Ancill McDonald is the Founder and CEO of Maryland Skincare Institute, MSI Beauty Studio, and AnStyle Beauty Skincare line & Amazing Hair Restoration System. She graduated from the Skin Care Center in Alexandria, Virginia in 2001, and since that time, has become a nationally-known and highly sought-after aesthetician in New York, Miami, Arizona, and also the Washington, DC area, where her studio is located.

As an aesthetician and etrepreneur, she is committed to excellence and constantly challenges the skincare and waxing industry to improve its standards and approach to wholistic healthcare and beauty practices, which also affect the skin. In this spirit, she began the Maryland Skincare Institute’s wax training program for both aestheticians who want to begin new business endeavors and individuals committed to achieving beautiful and radiant skin. Starting her company with just $500, Ancill has nearly 20 years of experience in etrepreneurship, and has successfully transformed it into a quarter million dollar enterprise. She is wise beyond her years and is committed to teaching her business and beauty acumen to rising entrepreneurs.

Ancill’s accuracy, commitment to excellence, comprehensive skin care knowledge, and pleasant personality has translated into a loyal customer base who appreciate her education to their health and beauty. While Ancill’s focus is now on waxing and wax education, she uses her knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive consultation to cater to each client’s individual needs; this successfully helps them make smart lifestyle choices for their skin and overall beauty regimens.